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In training, you will learn how to provide excellent customer service by identifying the customer's query and effectively implementing a solution regarding billing, delivery, monetary accounting, and digital troubleshooting.

You will become familiar with our subscription system called eCV (eCustomer View)


The objective of this training is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to get more familiar with eCV, distribution guidelines, and effective problem-solving for The Economist.  You will learn some important tasks such as:

1.    Placing Subscription Orders

2.    Taking Payments

3.    Changing an Subscribers Address

4.    Assisting with Distribution Concerns

5.    Much much more...


In order to fully understand the training, you will take part in paper-based and simulation exercises which will provide you with the opportunity to practice and review the information presented in the course.

You will be expected to participate in class during the reviews, in-class examples, and note-taking. Your notes will be verified at the end of each training day. 


All quizzes and exams must be passed with a grade of 85% or higher; with the Final Exam being 85% or higher. The Final Exam will be timed, and notes can be used during the test.  You will be allowed up to two times per a test to pass.

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