Healing Your Hidden Hurts


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This is a 12 month self-study course that aims to assist participants in achieving psycho-spiritual healing and transformation. This step-by-step course teaches how to release long-standing emotional, psychological and spiritual sufferring in order to experience personal freedom and regain a healthy sense of self.

This course will cover several issues:

Lack of Interest in Desired Activities

Feeling Unbalanced, Loss of Joy & Fun

Disconnection in Spiritual Journey

Uncomfortable, Frequent Negative Feelings

Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Self Doubt, Procrastination

Residual Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse Symptoms & Addictions

Problems with Relationships, Jobs, Eating, Money

Crisis Survival Mode, PTSD, and ADD

Recurring Thoughts and Patterns that No longer Work


This groundbreaking course lays the foundation for you to be conscious of how you create your life. Practical tools are taught that can be applied to your everyday life to enhance your relationships, businesses, health and more. Camishe emphasizes application rather than theory, and experience rather than theology Although Christian in statement, this program deals with universal spiritual themes. 

This course is for all ages however there is an evaluation process.

*This course does use materials from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, A Course in Miracles Workbook, A Return to Love and The Power of Vulnerability. We do not assume rights over any of these materials.

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