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Professional Learning Anywhere, Anytime

The world is connected more than ever before with an intranet of social programs that connect real people, categorizing them based on common interests, and empowering them with a voice and choice.  Educators have taken advantage of this incredible system and the result is an ever growing sea of up to date knowledge, idea, and pedogogy sharing on a global scale.  It is never to late to discover the professional learning communities and become a consumer and even a contributer to the wealth of knowledge we all have and can share with a click of a button.  

Twitter as the global medium

There are many options for an educator to get involved in connected professional learning, however the biggest and most prevalent platform has become twitter.  This course will focus how you can create a professional twitter account to leverage the learning opportunities and leverage this tool as effectively as possible.  By connecting with the right accounts, using the right hashtags, and taking advantage of third party programs an educators growth can grow exponentially no matter how much experience one has.   



The below is a short video introducing you to the course:



Welcome to the Connected Educator Course.  In this course you will be watching videos, reading some texts, completing tasks, and hopefully getting connected with other educators around the world and learning from them!  You will notice that most videos have text underneath them that explain the video, if you do not wish to watch each video.  We hope that this type of learn, reflect, do will be beneficial for you and will allow you to maximize the learning potential.  


The 5 modules 


The 5 tasks after the Modules

Final Project:

Blog Post:

What does being a connected educator mean to you?

Course content

  • Lesson 1 - The Connected Educator

  • Lesson 2 - Professional Twitter Account

  • Lesson 3 - Learning and Curating Content on Twitter

  • Lesson 4 - Contributing and Sharing to your Network

  • Twitter in the Classroom

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