Sally Sparrow

I am just a girl who loves to learn, to broke to pay for college. Trying to make her way through. I really want to share my love of reading and writting with other children and pray that I can inspire and encourage others to use there imaginations to open up unlimited possabilitys and new worlds. Either through a book or by the pen. Because teaching others in a subject that I love, is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Here are some of my favorite quotes. " I like old things, they make me sad." Sad (sad), adj. 1. Happy for deep people. "Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure."


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This course has been compiled for those who wish to enlarge their library of great books read during their life at a relatively young age. We will cover many different styles of writing from many different countries such as England, France, and Russia. Before you finish this coarse I trust that you will a have a better appreciation for reading but also a vast deal more classics than you have probably ever read in your entire life.


I have created this course strictly for fun. One of the only things I enjoy more in this world than reading Great Literature, is finding other people who love it as well! I have no proper certification, all I want is to create a sort of support group, for other "book nerds" such as myself. 

Course content

  • French Literature

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