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Welcome to Turnkey Educational Group, LLC! We are determined to provide premier training and learning solutions for institutions and individuals located in the Middle East, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our approach to teaching Medical Terminology is designed to make sure learners are exposed, internalize, utilize, and ultimately master the terminology. Feel confident and begin using and understanding medical terms in your particular medical context today! Please enroll in our free introductory course. Also, feel free to visit us at for more information about our wide array of educational and academic services.


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This course is designed for medical students enrolled or going to enroll at medical universities around the world or for medical professionals who work in hospitals or other medically related contexts and wish to improve their understanding and usage of basic medical terminology.

This is a two-part series which covers the basics of word building in medical terminology, especially with regards to understanding the Greek and Latin roots. The course also helps learners identify the most common medical terms associated with basic human anatomical systems such as (but not limited to) the Digestive System, the Urinary System, and the Cardiovascular System.

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