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The culture of learning a skill or a trade for a period of time is dying gradually in this part of the world. In those days, people usually go to meet a skilled or qualified person to learn a particular trade or skill. They would take their time to consciously learn everything that needed to be learnt in that profession. People were very patient and committed to acquiring relevant skills. However, this culture has become a burden to a lot of people today.

Who is an Apprentice? An apprentice is someone who works for another in order to learn a trade or a skill especially for a recognized period. The person develops the discipline to know what the master knows or has learnt over the years. For example, the footballers learn from the coach. The Younger lawyers learn from the older lawyers by working with them in their chambers.

What is the purpose of apprenticeship? It is for the apprentice to first serve his or her master and in the process acquire the skills and knowledge needed to develop his or her capacity for greater responsibilities. The apprentice drives the vision and dream of the master, while the master empowers him or her with skills, wisdom and knowledge. It is a symbiotic relationship.

However, the art of apprenticeship is very passive in our society. People follow others passively without engaging their minds to consciously learn all the skills needed to become successful in their fields. A child who does not see himself or herself as an apprentice to the parents will not consciously drive the vision of the family. Also, a subordinate or student who does not know that he or she is an apprentice under that organization, would not effectively serve his or her boss or teacher.

You are an apprentice to someone. Start taking deliberate steps and actions to ensuring that the dream and vision of your master in that particular institution become a reality. You will succeed!

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