Pr. Laurent Cleenewerck

Professor of International Administration and Theology

I am a professor of International Administration and Theology at EUCLID, also serving as the institution's international faculty coordinator. I obtained a Master's in Ecumenical Studies from the Ukrainian Catholic University and was invited to join the faculty team upon graduation. Since then, I teach their Ecumenical Methods course on the IES Moodle platform. Locally (Northern California), I am an extension faculty for Humboldt State University where I have taught several courses () and workshops (Religious Experience). For more information on my background, research interests and publications, please visit


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"Temple Theology" is an emerging and increasingly recognized are of theological study, reflection and publication. This course offers a comprehensive overview of "Temple Theology" from a Christian perspective, with emphasis placed on the work of British scholar Dr. Margaret Barker.

"Temple Theology" covers:

- cosmic architecture (the temple as a symbolic representation of cosmic reality)

- the actual architecture of the biblical Temple (Temple of Solomon and Second Temple)

- the meaning of the Temple rituals with implications on the development of the Christian liturgy

- the microcosmic and anthropological implications of Temple Theology

Important note: This course is organized in 7 periods according to EUCLID's academic standards, and students should refer to the "Guidelines for Eliademy Courses" page posted on the EUCLID site at:


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