Andres Nava

TETN Trainer

Every day is an opportunity. I choose to use every opportunity to help build my community and prepare myself for helping it when in need. I enjoy meeting like-minded individuals with a passion for self-betterment and edifying their communities. Outside of the TXSG I am a Texas State Trooper stationed in Rio Grande City, Starr County, Texas.


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It is ordered that ALL Texas State Guard personnel are to be certified for participation in evacuee tracking network operations.

In this course you will learn:

  • What TETN is and how it works
  • Structure of a TOT (TETN Operations Team)
  • TETN operations layout for evacuation hubs
  • How to log in and use the TETN computer application
  • How to log in and use the TETN smart device application
  • Setting up your battalion's TOT Tool Box

Course content

  • The TOT (TETN Operations Team)

  • TOT Assignments

  • TETN Operations Layout and Staging

  • TOT Deployment Box

  • TETN Enrollment Form

  • TETN Web Orientation

  • TETN Smart Device Orientation

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