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Mari Christie has been a professional writer, editor, and designer in Denver, Colorado for more than 20 years. At the age of 19, she decided to learn to write anything. With experience in journalism, marketing and advertising, proposals and grants, technical material, fiction, creative non-fiction, critique, and poetry, this goal has, for the most part, been accomplished. Mari holds a BA in Writing, summa cum laude and With Distinction, from the University of Colorado Denver, and has been an expert in Microsoft products since Windows 3.1 and Adobe Creative Suite since before it was a suite. Since 2009, she has completed three unpublished historical novels and a book-length epic poem, and is currently at work on her first Regency romance.


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TW/CW For the Whole Course: Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, religious intolerance, sexual assault; probably descriptions of graphic violence.

People of color, LGBTQ, women, disabled people, non-Christians: this is a free, self-paced course to guide you through writing down some of your story, because I think humanizing is going to be sorely needed in the years upcoming. Whether a present-day story or past, no matter what you plan to do with your writings--from private journaling to publishing--on any themes that emerge, I will offer up prompts and writing strategies for telling your stories, and a message board where students can comment on each others' work as desired.

I am a white female who identifies on the LGBT spectrum, an atheist, and a person with a disability, all targeted populations in the new American regime. I have a summa cum laude BA in Writing, with an emphasis on Creative Nonfiction (memoir), and minors in Sociology and Creative Writing, from the University of Colorado Denver. I have been a professional writer for more than 25 years. I offer this free because first, I cannot constantly monitor and "teach" the class (though do email me with any problems or questions), and second, because this is how I can use my privilege and my skills to help minority populations, including my own, resist the dark days ahead.

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