Samuel Kuria


Also a Lecturer at Africa Nazarene University


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Teachers and educators are responsible for juggling knowledge of where students are and where they need to go; having insights into students' special needs and progress; choices of curricular activities and materials; rules that govern children's participation; expectations from parents and communities; and the norms and rules that govern them as teachers. 

The addition of technology further complicates the equation and presents many new questions. This Course provides information on using technology for learning. The course includes case studies and practicals for use in classrooms. 

The topics include: 

  1. Definition of Digital learning; 
  2. Digital Learning in Kenya
  3. The KICD Interactive Digital Content; 
  4. Use of Technology in the Classrooms; 
  5. Challenges for Teachers using Technology; 
  6. Gaming in Education:Gamification; 
  7. Educational Softwares; 

The Objectives of this course;

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Explain the meaning of digital learning
  2. Discuss digital learning programmes used in Kenya and the role of KICD in digital Curriculum Development
  3. Apply and/or use various technologies in a classroom and describe various challenges encountered while using these technologies
  4. Identify various educational games and softwares.

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