Technological Applications in Grade 4-12 Classrooms


Martha Bless



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Course Title:  Technological Applications in Grades 4-12 Classrooms

Course Description:

The explosion of technology in this century has provided opportunities for innovative approaches to learning, and also to teaching. The purpose of this course is for participants to discover new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs) for classroom use, to acquire the ability to assess the quality of available technologies, and to use technology as means for effective instruction.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

As a result of this course, students will:

1. Demonstrate ability to recognize and conduct valid educational research;

2. Demonstrate knowledge of the history of educational technology;

3. Demonstrate knowledge of state and national standards regarding ICT literacy in education and the ability to implement those standards in classroom lessons;

4. Demonstrate understanding of and familiarity with new and emerging ICTs, including hardware, software, audio/video devices, and online applications and their appropriate use in planning, delivering, and assessing a lesson;

5. Demonstrate ability to use technology in the classroom as a tool for differentiating instruction;

6. Demonstrate ability to make predictions regarding the effect technology will have on education in the future, and

7. Demonstrate comprehension of the issue of technology in education as an evolving entity that requires lifelong learning, re-learning, and revision.


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Assessment Criteria:

Students will be assessed on their completion of course discussions and assignments.  Rubrics for all assessed tasks can be found in the attachment below.  Please refer to the Tasks and Discussion tabs at the top of this page for specific descriptions of each required course assignment and discussion.

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