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I am a teacher in Southern California. I am a two-time TEIP alumn and am hoping to go back for a "3-peat" this summer. I am my school's online and blended learning specialist and am learning how to build better online courses - so please give me your feedback!


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Welcome to the Teaching English in Poland Program!  The following topics will cover the 'News you can Use' and Curriculum Guide sent by TEIP to all volunteers.    

Read through the sections at your own pace, and complete the attached quizzes at the end of each reading section.  If you are a returning participant you can find all the quizzes on the tasks tab without attached readings. 

Once you have a 100% in all tasks the instructor will issue a certificate of completion that you can print for yourself if you wish. Names of students who have completed the course will be submitted to the TEIP director and Assistant Director on a regular basis.  

All information provided in this course is the sole intellectual property of the Kosciuszko Foundation.


Welcome to Poland - you are about to have the adventure of a lifetime!  


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