Teacher further training programme 2016 / Hungary - Finland


Jiri Vilppola

Teacher trainer Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Vocational Teacher Education www.tamk.fi/opettajankoulutus


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Welcome to Eliademy learning environment!

This virtual learning environment is set up to bring together you, Hungarian professors from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and us, the School of Vocational Education staff at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

This spring we will be collaborating via this environment before meeting face to face in Tampere, but also after your visit. You will find here all the instructions and materials as well as your Tampere timetable. This is also a good place to introduce ourselves and ask and answer questions. e

Our collaboration process is divided into three parts.

1. Preparation period 14.3 - 1.4 2016

2. Contact week in Finland 11.4 - 15.4 2016  

3. Experimenting period 18.4- 10.6 2016


During the preparation period we will get to know each other, and you will form small learning groups. You are asked to familiarize yourselves with the similarities and differences between the Hungarian and Finnish education systems. This period also includes individual goal setting and video-conferences in small groups.

The contact week in Finland will give you a glimpse to th Finnish education system and learning/ teaching methods and philosophies. There will be lectures, group work, observation, field trips etc.

After the contact week you will have an opportunity to implement some new methods in your own teaching in Hungary. In June 2016 we will gather once more in a webinar and reflect the outcomes of this whole process.

Once more, Welcome!

Sisko Mällinen    Jiri Vilppola

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