Kate Berry



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We can't wait to teach you all how easy it is to get the best out of you and your camera, be it your phone (that is what we both use for our everyday pics) or your big fancy DSLR (if you don't have a DSLR you are more than welcome to bring along your point and shoot).

We promise to teach you in the funnest and friendliest way possible. No getting in trouble, no judgements. Just fun, love and support.

In this course we will cover, using your phone, composition, editing and finding THE LIGHT (those of you who are familiar with us know we are slightly obsessed with pretty light). Once we have learnt the basics with our phones, we will get serious with the big cameras, learning the basics of using your DSLR. We will set a series of assignments for you, using both your iPhone and your DSLR, and offer you guidance with each task. 


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