Kerry Stanziano

Program Coordinator/Instructor


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This is a supplementary online learning environment to accompany the Directed Practice portion of the course. Contact information was provided in the syllabus you received at orientation.  Feel free to use the e-mail or phone provided should you have any questions or concerns.  

The following learning objectives will be met by the end of the semester  

-Student will understand the differences between various suture material and how they are used in the operative field

-Student will understand the history of surgery and how it has evolved over the decades

-Student will learn the skills necessary to assist a surgeon during general and obstetric gynecological surgical procedures

-Student will create a portfolio for submission of case studies, check off lists, and competencies 

-Student will comprehend the basic principals of suturing and tying methods/techniques 

- Student will identify the name and function of surgical instrumentation

-Student will understand the fundamental concepts of handling instrumentation properly


Course content

  • History of Surgical Assisting

  • Case Study

  • Surgical Procedures I Competencies

  • Surgical Procedures-General Surgery check off list

  • Surgical Procedures-Obstetric-Gynecology check off list

  • Surgical Knot Tying

  • Suture Material

  • Supplemental Articles

  • Blog/Discussion Assignment Instructions

  • Portfolio Instructions

  • Surgical Assisting Videos

  • Surgical Instrumentation

  • Course Calendar

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