Summer Intensive English course 2015


Yulia Chornogor

I've been teaching English for over 10 years now. I am an associate professor at Smolensk State University in Russia, holding a PhD degree in Linguistics. I am also a polyglot, as I have a command of several foreign languages (English, Modern Greek, German, Ukranian and basic French). I really enjoy learning and teaching languages. Languages are fantastic!


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Летний Интенсив по английскому языку предназначен для тех, кто часто ездит в командировки или в отпуск за границу и кому необходимо научиться общаться более свободно.

Мы будем расширять ваш словарный запас, тренировать полезные грамматические модели, а также обсуждать разные темы.

Удачи и приятного обучения!


WEEK 1. Getting started. Airport. Hotel. Making arrangements.

Day 1. Introduction

Day 2. Travelling. Asking about travel (e-course).​

Day 3. Making travel arrangements (e-course)

Day 4. At an airport (e-course).

Day 5. At a hotel (e-course).

Day 6. Week 1 Consolidation

Day 7. Week 1 Revision.  


WEEK 2. At a restaurant. On the phone. Asking the way. Changing your arrangements.

Day 8. Face-to-face class.

Day 9. Ordering a Meal.

Day 10. Changing your arrangements.

Day 11. On the phone.

Day 12. Asking the way.

Day 13. Week 2 Consolidation 

Day 14. Week 2 Revision.  


WEEK 3. Shopping. Visiting places. Small talk. Hiring a car.

Day 15. Face-to-face class.

Day 16. Shopping.

Day 17. Visiting places.

Day 18. Small talk.

Day 19. Hiring a car.

Day 20. Check-out.

Day 21. Week 3 Consolidation 


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