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My name is Dr. Greta Joe Larry and I am a former traditional K-12 science teacher. I taught for nearly 20 years, and now excited to transition to online learning. I earned my Biology from Dillard University, and my K-12 teaching certificate from the University of Texas at Arlington. I decided to earn my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in graduate biology. Having 18 hours in graduate biology, I worked part time as an Adjunct Instructor at the local community college. It was awesome to teach higher education, so I was motivated to return to school once again. I enrolled in Nova Southeastern University in Florida to obtain my doctoral degree in Education Leadership. I knew higher education was going to be part of my life forever: therefore, I am almost finished with achieving my distance educator certificate. In closing, my mission is to teach, encourage, and assist other learners in accomplishing their educational goals.


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This course is centered on ways to successfully give an effective speech. Educators, especially, must know how to deliver a speech

that will captivate an audience's attention. Preparing and delivering a speech is a skill some individuals need to perfect. This course

will provide resources and discussions about how to deliver a meaningful and interesting speech. Although I am an educator, this

information can benefit  other professionals. From business to medical professionals, communication is key in the workforce. I invite

you to join this course and share experiences. This is a live lesson, so access the communication tools to share your thoughts and

concerns with me. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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