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Cert. Prof. Breastfeeding Counselor

As the Co-Founder of Breastfeed {Naturally}, a breastfeeding support and training organization based in the USA, I am passionate about helping women breastfeed and training up breastfeeding specialists who will serve mothers around the globe. I am a Certified Professional Breastfeeding Counselor, and Certified Breastfeeding Advocate & Educator. In addition to my qualifications in breastfeeding, I am a certified birth & perinatal loss doula from Minnesota, USA (Hypnobabies). My career as a women's health educator began in 1999 when I became a certified instructor of natural family planning classes. I became a dual certified childbirth educator, first with ICEA in 2001 and Apple Tree Family Ministries in 2007, and was re-certified in 2013. It is my mission to help women understand, appreciate and cooperate with their natural designs for fertility, birth, and breastfeeding so that they can succeed while they breastfeed.


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In a 2013 study* of over a thousand breastfeeding mothers from around the United States, about 60% of mothers weaned their babies earlier than they wanted to.  The results from this study indicate that a large number of U.S. mothers who set out to breastfeed their babies do not reach their goals.  A very common reason why women around the world do not reach their breastfeeding goals is that they believe (rightly or not) that they do not have enough breast milk to meet their baby's needs.  This class gives you the keys to succeed when you breastfeed.

Succeed When You Breastfeed: The Ten Baby Steps to Effective, Joyful Breastfeeding

The keys to a close and effective breastfeeding relationship--one that will help you reach your goals--can be found in the Ten Baby Steps to Effective, Joyful Breastfeeding.  This class takes you through each Baby Step, one at a time, so that you can thoroughly understand it, grasp how it helps facilitate breastfeeding, and most importantly, help you think through your unique situation so that you can implement the Baby Steps, in your own way, within your family.

For more information about the Ten Baby Steps to Effective, Joyful Breastfeeding, you are welcome to visit the Breastfeed {Naturally} website.

Video Introduction

Class Objectives

The learner will:

  • Understand each of the Ten Baby Steps to Effective, Joyful Breastfeeding and how each Baby Step helps facilitate breastfeeding
  • Decide how to implement each Baby Step, in your own unique way, within your family
  • Know where to get more information and connect with people who can help with each Baby Step, if needed

Ideal Learner

The ideal learner for this class is a woman awaiting the birth of her baby who is planning to breastfeed and is open to learning new parenting ideas.  If you are already a breastfeeding mother, this class can also be of help, but you may need to draw on sources of help sooner rather than later in order to implement one or more of the Baby Steps.  Christian women will find some content in the class friendly for them, but you need not be a Christian to benefit from the class.  Spouses / partners and close relatives of the mother will also benefit from this class as it explains the evidence behind the Ten Baby Steps.  Understanding this evidence will help you support the mother as she implements her unique pregnancy, birth, and parenting plans.  Breastfeeding counselors, lactation consultants, doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, midwives and other health care providers may wish to preview this class so that you can confidently recommend it to your clients.


The Succeed When You Breastfeed class is FREE!

Class Length

"Succeed When You Breastfeed" is self-paced.  The minimum amount of time you should expect to spend on any one of the Ten Baby Steps is approximately 10 minutes, for a minimum total class length of about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  There are many optional class supplements you can explore that will increase the class length significantly.  I recommend you skim through all the Baby Steps once very quickly to get an overview of the progression from one step to the next, then go back and work on one Baby Step at a time, focusing on just that Baby Step, until you feel ready to take on the next one.


"Succeed When You Breastfeed" was developed by me, Christelle Hagen, B.A., BfNA, BfNE, BfNC, HCHD.  I am the Co-Founder of Breastfeed {Naturally}, a Certified Breastfeeding Advocate & Educator, a Certified Professional Breastfeeding Counselor, and a certified birth & perinatal loss doula.  I am also an experienced breastfeeding mother, having breastfed my six children into early childhood.


I am available for students in need of assistance, both for mothers with a need for breastfeeding counseling as well as students with questions or comments related to the class.  You can contact me by posting a message on the Succeed When You Breastfeed forum, or send me email.  My email address is on my Eliademy profile page.

Important Disclaimer

While many mothers and babies will benefit from the Ten Baby Steps to Effective, Joyful Breastfeeding, you should always check with your baby's health care provider concerning your unique health situation before implementing this or any other health care program.  The Ten Baby Steps is an evidence-based program that results in effective, joyful breastfeeding for many mothers; however, I cannot guarantee that if you follow the steps in this or any other breastfeeding program, you will be able to breastfeed successfully, due to individual differences in mothers and babies.  Any concerns about your baby's health should be directed to a qualified health care provider and you should always seek out the help of a lactation professional if you have specific questions about breastfeeding your baby.

Special Note to Students in the Breastfeed {Naturally}

Certified Breastfeeding Advocates Course 

If you are taking this class for your BfNA credential, please post a comment in the "Discussions" tab of the course.  You can post about your personal experiences with that Baby Step, additional information about the Baby Step, a question you have, a suggestion for other mothers, or why you think the Baby Step does (or does not) help mothers to succeed when breastfeeding.  You are required to show proof that you have completed this class.  Make sure to print yourself a copy of the class completion certificate when you are done!

*The study cited above, Odom et al, "Reasons for Earlier than Desired Cessation of Breastfeeding," Pediatrics 131:3 March 2013 could be accessed at the time this class was uploaded at:

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