Kate Boyd


I am a cheerleading coach and choreographer who specializes in training new cheerleading coaches to face any crowd with confidence and equip their cheerleaders safely and effectively.


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Stunt School is an online program designed to help the new coach teach stunts with competence and confidence. When you're done with Stunt School, you'll know the following:


  • All of the major progressions stunts and how to teach them (plus transition stunts, variations, and special grips and tips)
  • The terms, rules, and best practices for stunting
  • How to spot the common mistakes and know how to fix them.
  • How to put together stunt groups and when they’re ready for the next level of stunting
  • How to find inspiration, figure out stunts, and put together your own stunt sequences
  • How to build stunt strength, motivate your team, and use stunts effectively in competition or on the sideline

Plus, you'll have the confidence you desire to teach stunts to your cheerleaders.


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