Study Steps and Prep - Foster Success  in The Healthcare Journey for           Phalanx Bridge 2 Program March 2016


Jackie Smith


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This course is designed for the adult learner who has been removed from an educational environment for a significant period of time and have not had the opportunity to utilize  study strategies such as, time management, test taking, self assessment etc. Unlike the" At Risk Student" it is highly unlikely these students have no previous college or high school diploma. This profile reflects 90% of the student population enrolled in most Basic Nursing Assistant Training Programs. The course focuses on the needs of the adult learner and the framework is  Malcolm Knowles Andragogy Theory.  The course emphasis the unique principles of the adult learner, 

Knowles identified the six principles of adult learning as:

  • Adults are internally motivated and self-directed
  • Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences
  • Adults are goal oriented
  • Adults are relevancy oriented
  • Adults are practical
  • Adult learners like to be respected

The psychosocial  demographics  of this student population necessities not only skills but self- reflection and values in the areas of relationship management,and team building,  classroom etiquette, conflict resolution listening, enhancing self-esteem, and understanding their individual perceptions of success.



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