Carolyn Harris

Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment

With over 20 years of leadership experience in higher education, Carolyn’s has served as Associate Dean of Student Development, Director of Enrollment Services, Director of Field Recruitment, Director of Career Services, and Director of a Summer Transition Program. She has led departments in many institutions including liberal arts, private, state, for-profit, undergraduate, graduate, campus-based and online. Carolyn's areas of expertise are in enrollment growth, student-centered service, strategic planning, interdepartmental collaboration, and training and coaching.


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The training provided in this online course is required for all CHSU student organization presidents, treasurers and faculty advisors. Additional officers or members can be added to this training if requested by the student organization president or faculty advisor. 

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this course is for student organization leaders and advisors to: 

  1. Properly submit event and fundraising request forms. 
  2. Follow the advertising policy and register events before promoting them.
  3. Provide current and accurate membership and officer information to the Office of Student Affairs. 
  4. Maintain officers in good academic standing. 
  5. Become informed of new and upcoming policy and procedure changes. 

Learning Activities

Participants will be required to view video, review materials and answer questions to successfully complete this training. Click on each topic in the left-hand menu bar to navigate through each section of this course.  After reading through each topic complete the task (quiz). Upon completion of the quiz you will have met the requirement of this course. 



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