Paul Madsen

Educational Consultant

Paul is particularly interested in developing cross-cultural ministry relationships which will impact young people and their understanding of God's call on their lives. In 2012, after 14 years of teaching music at Evangelical Christian Academy in Spain, Paul and Ellie moved to Hungary with their 2 boys to work alongside the national Christian school movements of Europe through ACSI. Paul develops resources and online courses for teachers and students, leads workshops, speaks at conferences and directs the annual Student Leadership Conference.


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ACSI Europe provides Christian schools with resources for developing student leaders in connection with our annual Student Leadership Conference. 

How can this training help you?

  • It gives you a place to continue discussions about Biblical leadership with other youth who are also growing in this area
  • It sets a course for developing your God-given gifts and using your influence to shape the culture of your school
  • It provides a foundation for understanding who God has made you and His unique calling on your life to serve and lead
  • It helps to connect you to what God is doing with other people in other schools and countries
  • It encourages you to form a group in your own school to discuss and apply what you are learning about leadership
  • It challenges you to communicate what you are learning, which is an essential part of leadership and team building

This course is open for students to start in October. Each group can then follow at the speed they choose. There are 10 sections and our recommendation is to do 1 section every 2 weeks. Sections will open in sequence during the 2016-2017 school year. You will receive a course certificate after completing all of the tasks and participating in all of the discussions at least once.

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