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The information in this course is an outline and overview of Best Practices for managing the Staff Reservations and communicating contracted Concessions with Clients. There will be variations with each Client, based on their needs, and the information here is a resource to help you get started. 


Concessions are complimentary or discounted rooms or services that Clients may use to offset costs by placing their Staff members in these negotiated rooms. Concessions are customarily based on contracted block size. The larger the block, the more room to negotiate additional concessions and the hotel is more likely to agree to the concessions. Concessions are negotiated within the hotel contracts by the HIRM with the direction given by the AE. 

Concessions will vary by hotel and the AE should be in conversations with the Client during the pre-contracting phase to establish the Client's needs and expectations for Concessions. As the HIRM is negotiating the contracts, if any of the hotels strike any Concession from the contract, the AE will be responsible for communicating to the change to the Client and discussing with the Client if we need to push back/continue to negotiate with the hotel.


Once the contracts are in place and finalized, the AE will create a Concessions Grid to provide their Client for their records. This report will assist the Client when allocating Staff rooms prior to cut off and compiling the Staff Rooming List for the AE. AE may also share the Concessions Analysis Report with Client for additional claficiation of Concessions, most notably how many earned comps are currently available based on current hotel pick up. Depending on the size of the Client's Staff List, it is recommended to have the Staff List two weeks prior to cut-off to ensure time to enter in Compass and verify with Client that all Staff members are accounted for.

After initial Staff List has been entered, AE is responsible for pulling the Concessions Analysis Report and advising Client which property/properties have Unused Concessions remaining. AE is responsible for assisting Client with placing additional Staff to help Client be cost effective and avoid unnceccessary charges.

Some Clients will prefer to pay for rooms to keep all Staff at the same property/not have Staff spread across the city, which is understood if that is their choice, but AE should be having conversations with the Staff offering suggestions on where to place Staff if Concessions are still available.

Course content

  • Timeline- Preparing & Executing

  • Reports

  • Staff Room Types & Blocks in Compass

  • Setting up your client for access to Master Key

  • Show Set up for Master Key

  • Master Key FAQ

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