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spring 2016 #phaseone

#phaseone is a group & individual 90 day coaching program for Intuitives, Intercessors, and Creatives. We teach and coach individuals that are #ReadyNow how to identify & Release limiting Beliefs; Activate their Subtle Energy Body and Manifest Wholeness.


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Welcome to the Journey toward the Manifested Healing & Deliverance

Out of all of your Limiting Beliefs Into your Manifested Wholeness!

At  a georgia  green project we are sincerely committed to pouring into all of #MyIntuitiveFriends, Every Intercessor and Every Creative that is #ReadyNow to grow into their Knowledge & Experience of Energetic Literacy for their own Well Being and the Well Being of others. 

We achieve our aim in #phaseone coaching services™  by providing group and individual coaching and teaching sessions. We  use various Energy Healing Modalities such as Prayer, Food, Sound, Affirmations, Movement, Color, Water, etc. with both in-person & virtual delivery methods. 



    Students will

          * Have a Basic over standing of Energy Healing & How to Activate & Manage Their Own Subtle Energy

           *Know How to Identify & Release Their Limiting Beliefs

           *Know How to use Various Wholistic Methods to Manifest & Maintain their Wholeness


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