Shawnda Davis

Assistant Dean of Pledges


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The Spring 2015 Pledge Knowledge Assessment classroom has been designed to randomly test the knowledge learned by Pledges during the pleading process into the TenAcioUs Tau Colony of Alpha Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. during the Spring 2015 Rush. These "knowledge checks" will better allow the DP and ADP to monitor each Pledge's retention of information and better determine each members position in the pledge process.

Learning Objectives

 To display knowledge retained from current week.



Pledges are expected to use their own knowledge to answer "QUIZ" questions. Intakes are NOT ALLOWED to "request knowledge", refer to any written material, or consult with any LBs to complete the assessments when taking a quiz. These assessments are designed to evaluate what you know.

Pledges MAY seek the assistance of Big Bruhs and LBs to complete "TASKS" as they are assigned.

Assessment Criteria


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