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Pastor Shannon Gresham

Senior Pastor/Lead Servant

Pastor Shannon Gresham serves as the Senior Pastor of Spirit of Unity Worship Center. She has been preaching for about 15 years. She has a servants heart and believes in pushing and propelling people into GREATNESS. She has served in many roles such as Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, Overseer-Designate, and 1st Assistant of a fellowship. She has much experience as a Pastor and has been trained through sitting under some of the top preachers of our community as well certifications through online biblical courses. She is a licensed and ordained ministry and loves to share the love of Christ with all people.Teaching is her first love!


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You are about to embark on the rest of your life! We are excited that you would like to be a leader in our church. We don't take it lightly that you have chosen to study with our ministry for your success as a leader. Our course is entirely online and asynchronous. Assignments will be due at a certain time and will be posted as they become available. In order to be a successful leader in the ministry, you must make your success in the course a priority. Our Pastor is available to answer questions and mentor/coach you along the way. It's her desire that ALL of you pass and are groomed for the role in which you were called. If you require tutoring or additional assistance, please contact the facilitator directly. 

Ministry Phone: 678.561.3124-- Cell provided upon email request for the number

There are no textbooks for the course. All required texts will be made available throughout the course. Upon completion of the course, all registered students will be awarded an e-certificate through this site as well as a certificate that will be mailed to you with the signature of our very own Lead Servant.

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