Marlon Bayot

Instructor, Department of Medical Technology

A laboratory advisor, trainer, resource speaker, educator and learner in the field of medical laboratory science, public health and medicine in the Philippines.


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Hi, CvSU BSMT graduate!

Good day, and welcome to Special Topics in Medical Laboratory Science!

This online seminar will provide you with theoretical knowledge in special topics of Medical Laboratory Science which include the fields of clinical microbiology, laboratory management, clinical chemistry, immunohematology and applied immunoserology.

If you are interested, kindly send me your email address through messenger so I can send an invitation. Only those invited CvSU BSMT graduates shall be able to complete this course online. This online course will open in January 2018.

I hope you will enjoy taking the course for it will help you understand special concepts in Medical Laboratory Science.

God bless!

Best regards,

Marlon L. Bayot, MPH, RMT

Former CvSU Instructor

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