Deacon Rodda

Deacon Rodda began his journey with the martial arts in 1993 as a student of Kupigana Ngumi. After his first teacher, Jabari Nguna, retired in ’97 Deacon spent his remaining teenage years exploring different styles and schools of martial arts. In early 2001 he found his true home in the Kurai Kotori Ryu. Lead by such monolithic instructors as Mark Steven Grove, and Norman Ramon Figueroa-Dehm, the Kurai Kotori Ryu carries on old traditions which cultivate resilience, clarity, and focus.

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Rebekah Speirs


Learn how to improve through sparring.  This course outlines methods for creating maximal safety while enhancing the pedagogical benefit of various forms of sparring.  Whether you're a competitive fighter, a security professional, a lifelong student of the martial arts, or just a person who takes responsibility for your own safety, this course will help you learn how to learn how to fight.

Designed initially for students of the Kurai Kotori Ryu studying at the Fortify dojo, this course details the theory which underlies the pedagogy of isolated sparring.  This system follows the axiom of accelerated learning, that skills once divided into components may be more effectively mastered.  Of course, to accurately divide a skill can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't already understand a new field of study very comprehensively.  This course provides a comprehensive framework such that, upon completion, a student with no other experience may competently begin training, and immediately improving.

Most of the course is quite universal, and will prove beneficial to most students. Aspects particular to our school are clearly noted as such. 

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