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Hi, I'm Kay. I've been tutoring for over 5 years now. I want to share my gift of languages with each one of you and immerse you in the languages . New cultures, new adventures, and opportunities arise from learning. I hope you enjoy !


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Spanish 1101

• An introduction to the fundamentals of the Spanish language with practice and listening, reading, and writing skills. 

• Learning about the Spanish culture and history.


•Subject pronouns

•Tenses: (Present, Preterite, Imperfect,Future,Conditional, Imperative,Gerunds)

•Verbs: (Reflexive, Reciprocal,Transitive & Intransitive)

•Direct and Indirect objects

•Subject-Verb agreement 

•Ser vs Estar


•Definite & Indefinite articles




 *** Link to textbook I will be using ***

Course content

  • Capítulo 1

  • Vocabulario- Capítulo 1

  • Introduction to Capítulo Uno

  • Beginning Lesson 1

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