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Human Design and Life Purpose Coach

I am a spiritual teacher and coach, shaman, visionary and writer passionate about midwifing transformation and growth that embraces, inspires, empowers the Soul for a creative, prosperous and abundant life. It is important to me to honor you by providing resources, tools, and products that inspire, support, and empower you in a way that allows you to direct the unfolding of your multi-faceted magnificence in a space and at a pace that honors your journey and growth. Love and Blessings


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Every heart has a hidden treasure.
A secret wish.
A silent dream.
A special goal to long for.

Jill Wolf


In this course, you will 


  • Your passion
  • What you love
  • What brings you joy
  • What gives you the most satisfaction in my life
  • What motivates you
  • What inspires you
  • What excites you
  • What drives you
  • What keeps you from your dreams

 To create:

  • Your personal vision statement
  • Your personal mission statement
  • Goals to manifest your dream
  • Action plans acheive your dream
  • Affirmations that inspire and empower your dream
  • A partnership with your beliefs
  • and much more

Work with:

  • your Soul (higher self)
  • your spiritual guides, mentors, and allies
  • the elements
  • the fearies and elementals
  • over 25 guided activities, visualizations, and meditations

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Course content

  • Welcome and Getting Started

  • Creating Your Personal Sacred Space

  • Your Meditation Practice

  • Meditation: Meet Your Inner Champion

  • Soul Planning

  • Meditation: Getting Messages About Your Divine Purpose

  • Human Design - Identity by Design

  • Activity: I AM

  • Your Radiant Energy Body: Aura

  • Your Radiant Body: Chakras

  • Your Radiant Body: Working With Your Chakras

  • Your Radiant Energy Body: Meridians

  • Your Radiant Body: Core Stability

  • Meditation: Body Blessing

  • 12 Steps to Thriving

  • Activity: Create Your Core Stability or Self Care Plan

  • Activity: Your Beliefs

  • Activity: Your Family Tree

  • Mapping Your Vibrational Frequency

  • Raising Your Energy Vibration with Roses

  • The Way is Through the Heart

  • Activity: My Values

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

  • Gratitude

  • Meditation: Gratitude

  • Activity: Your Gratitude List

  • Working with Your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Angels

  • Meditation: Journey to Find Your Power Amimal

  • Activity: Your Dream Life

  • Crafting Your Vision Statement

  • Crafting Your Mission Statement

  • The Theory of Awesomeness

  • Becoming the Person of Your Dreams

  • Activity: Write a Letter to Your Soul

  • Co-Creating with Nature

  • Activity: Creating Your Magic Wand with the Faeries

  • The Path of Manifesting

  • Activity: Dream Releasing Ceremony

  • Goal Setting: Dancing with Your Goals

  • Goal Readiness

  • Problem Solving and Brain Storming

  • Activity: Act as If

  • Activity: Meditating with the Eight Aspects of God

  • Activity: Spirituality

  • Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

  • Belief Discovery Process

  • Letting Go of Fear

  • Working with Your Emotions

  • Wrapping Up

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