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Mr. Brian Crider                                

Course Description: Provide introductory information about psychology, including general concepts and methods.  The following areas may be covered: History, Methods, Physiology, Sensation, Perception, Consciousness, Learning, Memory, Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate and describe an understanding of psychological concepts and terms.
  • Apply psychological concepts to everyday life.
  • List and describe the parts/functions of the brain and systems of the body as they apply to psychology.
  • Discuss central ideas, issues and methods of inquiry in the social and behavioral sciences.
  • Practice functioning effectively in small groups.
  • Differentiate between different theories of psychology.
  • Demonstrate understanding of topics as evidenced by presentation of learned and new material.                                                

Contact Information: My number is 502-485-8304, Office hours are after school until 3:30. My e-mail address is

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