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Elda Setiawati
Eassy and simple. I enjoy it
Elda Setiawati
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Pragmatics provides information on issues to do with pragmatics that is dynamically related to and is applicable in real life situations. It deals with (un)intentional manipulation of social norms in real time spoken and written discourse. General topics include development in speech act theory, conversational maxims, relevant implicature, communicative events, and activity types: cognitive theory, scripts, schemata, frames, presupposition and mutual knowledge, the pragmatics of politeness, power, ideology and critical discourse analysis, contrastive pragmatics, and the development of pragmatic competence in normal disordered context. The course allows students to explore the aforementioned topics and work on mini research projects both individually and groups, employing ICT and all resources available under the supervision of the course instructor

Course content

  • Course Profile

  • Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

  • Transcribing Workshop

  • Concordancing Workshop

  • Infographics Workshop

  • Evaluation

  • Final Project

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