Philippine Contemporary Issues - Human Rights


Roy Pavericio

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This is my first encounter of an "academy" in a form of a social networking site. I find it challenging as any student would have but despite that, I'm blessed to have been given additional education :)


Welcome Grade 10 Banneux and Akita! In lieu of your Quarterly Assessment, you shall take this short course (and another on Sexuality) instead.

TASKS are graded outputs in two (2) forms: ASSIGNMENTS which can be in the form of essay, journal, reflection, collage making, or anything that can be saved as WORD, EXCEL, PDF, JPEG, etc and QUIZZES which can be in multiple choice, true or false, and identification. They are taken from the specific topics under the CONTENT PANEL. 




(NOTE: Let's meet virtually in the discussion panel if you have concerns. Thanks and hope to read your responses soon.)

Course content

  • Bill of Rights

  • Right to Basic Education

  • Women's Rights

  • Civil and Political Rights

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