Philippine Code of Citizenship and Ethics


Roy Pavericio

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This course is a compilation of reports done by selected Grade 10 students of Cittadini School Dumageute, Philippines. This a the code of citizenship as enumerated and elaborated by then Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon.

Course content

  • Be Industrious

  • Contribute to the Welfare of Your Community

  • Do Your Work Cheerfully Thoroughly and Well

  • Have Faith in Divine Providence

  • Lead a Clean and Frugal Life

  • Live Up to the Noble Traditions of Your People

  • Love Your Country

  • Patronizing Philippine Products

  • Pay Your Taxes

  • Respect the Constitution

  • Use and Develop Our Natural Resources

  • Value and Respect Your Parents

  • Value Your Honor

  • Be Truthful and Honest

  • Rely On Your Own Efforts

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