International Project Management and Funding Instruments


Anzelika Krastina

Seniour Lecturer

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Alish Napit
Mandeep Tamang


Welcome to the course International Project Management and Funding Instruments (IPM&FI)

The course is intended for those aiming to work in the international working environment in any field or industry. Today project activity and project formation is considered as work method and procedures used by organisations to meet the challenges of increasingly international, global and digitalised operating environments. International project activity has become a part of almost any field or industry operations. The course will introduce variety of project initiatives from micro (company) to macro (national, global) level with particular focus on innovation, international cooperation and development issues. Multiple international funding instruments will be introduced to demonstrate how international project initiatives are financed and what are common project methodologies to deliver expected results in timely manner and how to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the projects. Leading global teams, intercultural communication and digital transformation of project management are considered as cross-cutting topics throughout the course

Learning Goals

Student knows the fundamentals of international project management (IPM), key processes and life cycle of the project.

He/she is able to apply the most common project management tools of every project cycle.

Using Project Cycle Management methodology he/she is able to initiate the project based on the need to solve identified developmental challenge, problem or discovered opportunity for an innovation.

Student is able to perform a feasibility study in order to justify the need for the project. Student is able to define objectives, scope and deliverables to be produced and create detailed project plan including activity schedule, clearly defined outputs and expected results, indicators, risk analysis and resource plan.

Student is able to define a funding instrument for project financing, in particular EU financial instruments. He/she is familiar with key requirements of financial institutions and project application procedures when applying for international funding.

Student increases operative skills based on problem and objective-oriented thinking, leadership and intercultural communication skills and is able to integrate digital tools in transnational project work.

During the course, various case studies will be introduced. Among other the context of global issues, SDGs, 4th industrial revolution, the forces of future innovations and other topics will bring new prospective on IPM environment.



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