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The purpose of American National Government (POL 1113) is to introduce you to the complex network of relationships you have been born into. This class has the threefold goal of teaching the essentials of American Government and politics, encouraging students to be more critical consumers of political information, and revealing those aspects of political studies that are essential to student’s future professional success. The political issues of justice, good decision-making, exercising power over others, and obligation to the common good are the SAME issues you will encounter in your careers.

Historically, higher education was about teaching politics, humanities, language, and logic in order that future leaders would learn how to be just and ethical, how to be creative, and how to appreciate the heights of human achievement. Students’ technical or career-specific education would come later. Modern universities have evolved to include technical and career education but what has NOT changed is this: Political Science and Liberal Arts are still the disciplines which develop the non-mathematical part of your brain; your non-quantitative logic.

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