SK Mechanical Carbon Monoxide Training 2016


Ray Hopkins



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This training program is a guide to considerations involved in the exposure hazards of Carbon Monoxide and the safe operation of the BW Technologies Gas Alert Extreme Carbon Monoxide Detector.


It is intended to be helpful, and the information and recommendations contained in it have been complied from sources believed to be reliable.  It is not intended as a complete presentation of all health and safety problems and solutions related to Carbon Monoxide.  Thus, neither Optimus-HSE nor its members, Caracal HSE Management Systems & Consulting nor Health and Safety Associations make any guarantees as to or assume any responsibility for the correctness, sufficiency or completeness of the information and recommendations this training program contains.  Other additional health and safety measures may be required under particular circumstances. 


Understand that the illustrations in this training program depict the BW Technologies GA24XT-M Carbon Monoxide Detector.  For further information learners should consult Part 4 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code and OSHA Safety and Health Standards 29 CFR 1917.24. Learners in other countries should consult the applicable national or provincial occupational health and safety codes. 



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