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ana soria

TESOL Ana Soria

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. I´ve worked in the English Language Teaching field since 1995. I graduated in TESOL from Trinity College London in 1998 and have since then run Somerset House ELS Uruguay and Panama. In 2001 I did the Postgraduate Methodology Course in London, UK and in 2003 I did the Postgraduate Course in College Teaching by IH, London. I´ve worked in all areas and levels of ELT and I´ve developed several training programs like English for the Military (UN Peacekeeping Missions and PSYOPS), Aviation and Freight and Logistics. I´ve worked as an English Language Coordinator at several schools in Montevideo and as an ESP Teacher at University. In 2007, the Uruguayan Civil Aviation Authority accredited me as a LC Rater under ICAO regulations and since then I have almost exclusively trained and evaluated pilots and ATC. In 2010 I moved to Panama, where I currently live. I´ve worked since then as an Airline consultant, a pilot instructor and a freelance translator.


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