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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


Malini Chaudhri. Ph.D. L.Ac

MALINI CHAUDHRI. Founder. Author and course developer with own STATUTES.

This educator manages ecosystems in health-tech and digital education. The courses integrate social learning and artificial intelligence. This comes with remote network facilitation and added convenience of mobility with gadget support. This educator has Statutes to develop courses that are legally secure and binding, is a licensed Skills Knowledge Provider in the spa industry She has managed the successful verification of a UK qualification in SAARC. She has been successfully assessed for Institutional Quality assurance by VTCT in 2008. She has given CAM (complimentary and alternative medicine.) seminars and CME(continuing medical education) in accredited hospitals . She is US licensed in Sports Massage She has lived as a professor in China, and been sponsored to Westport, CT. USA for advanced research. She has presented seminars worldwide, including Hong Kong and Japan, and worked with renowned scientific world experts. She manages metadata, eight blogs, and course manuals.


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The author and her works have acquired top rank in 2016 by KLOUT and is listed EXPERT online in rank for  Amazon, Spa, Alternative medicine and Technical Writing

Book in paperback will be presented free after Course enrollment. (No refund)

The course is available with the added advantage of video discussions on Google Hangouts


Click below to access the Course manual paperback in Amazon Createspace.

ISBN No   9781530814183

LCCN  NO   2016906392

Course applicants must preview the book before enrolling as refunds will not be given.          


The course is based on global competencies for therapists to meet the criterion of successful vocational practise.

It requires a disposition towards ZEN practises, benevolence and internal balance.   The course teaches therapists to manage internal energy practises and deliver controlled Ki directed therapy.

It involves intensive personalized assessment and learner support.

 The Leaner  will be assessed for the level they can qualify for as Level 1 (without hara),Level 2(without hara) or Level 3(with hara).


Tsubo training will be provided at an additional cost. This course manages internal energy, meridians, diagnostics, SOAP, positions and strokes.

ASSESSMENT will be based on verbal questioning and testimonials. The candidate will have to show 20 hours of learners log, demonstrating effective practise, based on the listings and indexes provided. These include reports on meridian problems, assessment of energetics and strokes for correction. The plan of care and clients energetics may be indicated before and after treatment through SOAP and witness/ client testimonials.



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  • Book Extract and discussion

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