Shanghai, Welcome to Busan Smart Education Center


Jeonghun Oh

Teacher 교사

I am working for Smart Education Center, Busan, Korea. I used to teach English for my students. Now I offer training course on digital literacy for teachers, parents, and students.


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1. In this course you will be introduced to smart education in Busan, Korea.

2. You will also make your own Mooc(Massive Online Open Course) to teach how to make your

    traditional food.  You will do that at this site, Eliademy.

3. Finally, you will make your mobile collection where you gather what you have experienced in

    Korea. You will make it at the " "


Garage Band in Busan - Digital Band Club


Make your own MOOC course today




Course content

  • Making your own Mooc or Looc

  • Create your course in Eliademy

  • Create your Topic for Teaching

  • How to make tasks your students

  • How to make quizzes for your students

  • Opening discussion forum

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