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     For our lesson on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we studied some background information on the Middle Ages before we read the primary text in order to get a better idea of the cultural influences and literary elements we might find in the story.  We will be doing the same during our lesson on Shakespearian sonnets.  Follow the steps on the left side of the screen to complete the online learning module.


Pre-Reading (10 pts.)

You will only receive credit for the pre-reading if you log on to the site, complete the guided outline, finish the quiz PRIOR to class time, AND bring your guided outline to class with you on Thursday.  There will be no make-ups.  No Exceptions.

Remember: Ms. Semnisky and I can see when you log in and how long you spend on each part of the assignment.  If you try to cut corners this time, your score will reflect that.


  • Your guided outlines and your participation in the online learning module will be graded for completion (5 pts.).


  • The quiz will be graded for accuracy (5 pts.).


In Class (10 pts.)


  • You can earn the full 10 points by actively participating during whole-group (5 pts.) and small-group discussions (5 pts.).  Your participation should include:


  • Offering to read for the class


  • Answering questions during whole-group discussion


  • Actively contributing to small-group discussions


  • Complete the reflection at the end of class


  • Staying on task, not distracting others

Course content

  • Step 1: Download the Guided Outline

  • Step 2: Watch the Video and Complete the Guided Outline

  • Step 4: Print the Guided Outline

  • Alternate Assignment

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