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"Shakespeare wrote drama to be performed in a theater not "literature"

to be analyzed in the classroom.  Let's have FUN with it!"


We will meet the 4th Friday of the Month starting in September at 9:30 am. (The first class will be Sept. 26th.) In November we will meet the 3rd Friday of the month due to Thanksgiving.   (Nov 21st) We will not meet in December and our last month to meet will be April.

Each month the kids will need to read a play during the month before coming to class.  Then we will watch a modern day interpretation of the play done as a movie.  For instance, the first month they will be reading Hamlet and we will be watching Lion King.  Then after the movie we will discuss the play and how the movie used the ideas, concepts, etc. from the play.  The idea is to introduce the kids to Shakespeare and help them see how Shakespeare still influences our society today.  We may also have one month where we act out a play instead of watching a movie.

The book we will be using to read the plays is Usborne Stories From Shakespeare.  You may purchase the book from Michelle Rhaner at this link (  I also recommend The Usborne World of Shakespeare (  for your child to read along and learn more about Shakespeare and his time.  It is not required though.  If your student already has a good understanding of Shakespeare and is ready to read the full plays they are welcome to do that instead of the book I am recommending. 

This will be a Jr. High/High School Class.  Your students can be dropped off if you have younger kids.  Parents are welcome to stay if they don't have younger kids.  Michelle will be offering a book club for the younger kids at her home during this same time.  (She will be sending out that info soon.) 

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