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Set Theory: Practice Problems online course features many questions which will help you get your grasp in one of the most essential topic for maths for higher education, the set theory. Get to know how to solve counting questions, power set questions and the most interesting of all, the proving questions. This course is more about practice, but then also can be expected to be finished in less than a week.

The course is included with short summary of sets, following by some get online materials to get you a brush-up. This is followed by some small practice problems which have both video and text solution and explanation available. If you are stuck with the problem, feel free to watch the video and to get inspired for your solution!

Following this, there are tests with lots of  questions. You must take this course because, it is for a high-school student by a high-school student! Come, join with me and explore your introduction to the world of sets.

What are the requirements?

  • Some prior knowledge of sets may be helpful, but the supplementary material will help revise that too.
  • Reasonable mental and mathematical ability including familiarity with the Number Theory.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • apply the knowledge of sets to scenarios beyond than just the theory.
  • solve problems in exams or real-life easily and logically.
  • develop a knowledge-base for higher studies in math.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for high-school (preferably Class-11) students who are not very familiar with sets, as this course's main part is to get you practice or to get you familiarity.
  • This course probably not for you if you are looking for intermediate or advanced knowledge of Set Theory. This course serves as the introduction to the fascinating world of sets, so it might be helpful for a brush-up.

Course content

  • Introduction

  • What to read?

  • Reading Material (1): "Sets: Introduction and Theorems"

  • Reading Material (2): "Venn Diagrams"

  • Reading Material (3): "Counting in Sets"

  • Reading Material (4): "Power Sets"

  • Supplementary Materials

  • Note

  • Identities

  • De Morgan's Laws

  • Proving-type Question (1)

  • Proving-type Question (2)

  • Proving-type Question (3)

  • Proving-type Question (4)

  • Proving-type Question (5)

  • Proving-type Question (6)

  • Proving-type Question (7): Power Sets

  • Proving-type Question (8)

  • Counting in Sets

  • Proving-type Question (10): Simplifying

  • Proving-type Question (11): Power Sets

  • Extra Reading and Practice

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