Min. Kiesha L. Peterson

Min. Kiesha L. Peterson

I am single mom of 3, my son is 24, my daughters are 21 and 16, and my grand-daughter is 2. I was born in Newark, NJ and was raised between Newark and Vauxhall which some may know it as Union. I graduated from Union High School in 1987, I was married my oldest daughters father in 1993. I was the Administrative Assistant for NJ State Assemblyman William D. Payne for 9.5 years where I also studied online and received my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University Online and I have been a Notary for the past 5 years. I published my first book in 2011 Knowing When Enough is Enough: My guide to building your self-esteem, my second and third book in 2014, Book of Poems, Vol. 1 and I Am Who God Says I Am. In November 2015, after several years, I brought forth my initial sermon at my church, St. Paul's Calvary United Church of God, as Minister Kiesha L. Peterson.


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Self-Publishing Made Simple will provide the simple steps to become a self-published author with little money. Over the next 10 weeks, this course will help you overcome the mindset of "I can't afford to write a book," when actually you can't afford NOT to write a book. You are required to write at least 165 (one hundred sixty-five) words per day.

After taking Self-Publishing Made Simple, you will have a 32 page manuscript to be published for as little as $10.

Course content

  • Module 1 - Week 1 - Introduction and Ideas

  • Module 2 - Week 2 - Ideas - Elaborate

  • Module 3 - Week 3 - Ideas Continued - Keep Writing

  • Module 4 - Week 4 - Finding That Self-Publishing Company

  • Module 5 - Week 5 - Selecting a Self-Publishing Company

  • Module 6 - Week 6 - Putting a Title and Cover to Your Book

  • Module 7 - Week 7 - The Final Product

  • Module 8 - Week 8 - The Legal Part of Writing

  • Module 9 - Week 9 - Getting Paid

  • Module 10 - Week 10 - Publishing

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