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Peace Without Borders

Peace Without Borders (Pakistan) is an independent initiative from the platform of Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness that focuses on; A- Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) B- Building a Counter Narrative (Peace Narrative) in the Pakistani Society C- Peace Education based on Compassion, All Inclusiveness and Nonviolence (CAN) The initiative aims to work with academia, youth, think tanks and other like-minded organizations and under the guidance of experts/subject specialists that could be instrumental for peace development in Pakistan. It plans to design and implement CVE strategies using socio-political communication tools and all forms of media and social media.

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Ramesh Kumar
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Self Peace Development Course is a pre-requisite to apply for Salamti Fellowship Cohort-II being held in the third week of July, 2019.

The course will help you immensely at the time of interview, hence it is STRONGLY suggested to take up the course. In order to take up the course, following is the process:

1. Every Content (for e.g, Self Peace, Conflict etc) has assignments attached to them in two formats. The first being "Watch The Video" and the latter being "Share Your Opinion". Please go through all the sections, read them carefully and write your answers and submit. 

2. You will see grade pending - but that doesn't mean we haven't read it. We'll read every answer sent to us, but as a policy, shall not be sharing the results publically. The results will be shared with short-listed candidates. 

Course content

  • Topic 1: Self Peace

  • Topic 2: Conflict

  • Topic 3: Peacebuildnig

  • Topic 4: Countering Violent Extremism

  • Topic 5: Extremists and Use of Media

  • Topic 6: Radicalization

  • Topic 7: Violence

  • Topic 8: Dehumanization

  • Topic 9: Inclusivity

  • Topic 10: Religion and Peace

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