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Imran Shahid
Wonderful idea to get all the teachers involved, it seems a nice platform where they can interact, collaborate and share their learning.


Welcome to the Sciences: Delivering the MYP online workshop!


The aims of the teaching and learning of the workshop are to encourage and enable participants to:

  • develop a collaborative approach to the structures and principles of the subject group framework and guidelines
  • prepare effective teaching and learning strategies and design tasks that will support the implementation of the subject group
  • engage in relevant, innovative, challenging, student-centered environments
  • align their educational beliefs and values to reflect those of the IB in order to create a challenging programme of international education
  • reflect upon their own practice and capabilities.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • share perspectives and challenges on education in our ever-changing world that impact MYP implementation
  • describe the aims, objectives and requirements of the subject group, including interdisciplinary planning
  • define essential elements of the MYP framework, such as key and related concepts and global contexts
  • analyze the relationship between the fundamental elements in the MYP framework
  • develop the inquiry section of the MYP unit planner 
  • interact with and explore subject-specific teaching and learning resources.

Learning engagements:

In order to achieve these objectives, you are required to engage in a number of individual and collaborative activities.

Learning hours:

Participants are encouraged to allocate a total of four to six learning hours per week to this online workshop.


The resource library for this workshop contains some documents that will be helpful to you. To access these resources, go to the workshop homepage and click on resource library.

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