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Science, Health, and Fitness

My name is Dr. Greta Joe Larry and I am a former traditional K-12 science teacher. I taught for nearly 20 years, and now excited to transition to online learning. I earned my Biology from Dillard University, and my K-12 teaching certificate from the University of Texas at Arlington. I decided to earn my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in graduate biology. Having 18 hours in graduate biology, I worked part time as an Adjunct Instructor at the local community college. It was awesome to teach higher education, so I was motivated to return to school once again. I enrolled in Nova Southeastern University in Florida to obtain my doctoral degree in Education Leadership. I knew higher education was going to be part of my life forever: therefore, I am almost finished with achieving my distance educator certificate. In closing, my mission is to teach, encourage, and assist other learners in accomplishing their educational goals.


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This Science, Health, and Fitness course is about learning about the popular scientific concept known as cells and its impact on

human health.  The health and fitness component was included to provide prevention tactics to help us think about ways to

maintain good health. Certainly, some diseases are caused by poor cellular structure and function, but eating a balanced diet,

exercising, and drinking water are practices we could do to better ourselves. This course was designed in an manner that it

connects a scientific term to real-world situations.

In today's 21st century, learners should no longer learn about cells or any term in isolation. When this terminology is related to a

real-world situation, students will realize that cells make up all living things and they are the basic units of life. This is significant

because when humans and other living organisms do not have healthy cellular structure and function, it affects the living

organism's well-being. As author of this course, I invite you to review the contents in order to become knowledgeable about the

importance of maintaining good cellular health.


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