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Red Frogs Schoolies Training


Part 1. Online self-directed learning component

Thanks for signing up to be part of the Red Frogs Australia Schoolies crew for 2016.

The Schoolies environment is a unique mix of youth culture. It is possible that you will be exposed to certain situations and behaviours that are way outside your normal realm of experience. Your experience should be challenging, but not to the point of being overwhelming. To help you thrive at Schoolies week and return to home stronger than when you left, we have a created a series of preparation and support measures.

This online course is Part 1 of your training. You'll need to complete this BEFORE you attend your Face-to-Face Training session. Dates, locations and times for these sessions can be found on our website. Both training components MUST be completed for you to volunteer at Schoolies. 

Each topic in this online course is designed to give you the essential knowledge required for being a Red Frog Team Member. You may be required to refer to the external websites, watch a video, or download and read a document. Each topic has it's own corresponding multiple-choice quiz for you to complete to verify that you've understood the content. You can access these quizzes at the bottom of each module or by selecting "tasks" on the menu above.

*NOTE: Each question will only have ONE correct answer, even though the system will allow you to choose more than one answer. To change an answer, be sure to "uncheck" your initial selection.

Questions may cover content from the course text, external websites, or require you to demonstrate your own research and reasoning skills. You will required to receive a grade of 100%. There is no limit to the number of times you take the test. Just retest until you learn all the correct information and responses. 

**The last 3 quizzes are for you to acknowledge the terms of the relevant DOCS documents and Red Frogs volunteer code of conduct. These tasks require 100% correct answers.


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