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Welcome to the School of Christian Experiences


In this course, you will receive training on the role of the Christian Experiences Coordinator.

In addition, as a leader in the School of Christian Experiences, you will be able to create courses for ladies who are active participants of the Christian Experiences Center!

These courses will be listed as optional additions for our members to use as supplemental resources in their Christian walk.

An example of an instructor lead course would be a Bible Study Devotional Series, such as a devotional walk through the book of Esther.


As you get started, know that Women of Impact is here to support you. 

There will be members who want to take their interaction a step further and work privately with you. 

We support you in this and have provided tools to help you be successful in this area.


In this course, you will learn how to utilize these Impact Leadership Resources and ultimately help members in your care live consistently and confidently for Jesus Christ.


Week One: 

Private Virtual Office

Week One Course Assignments


Week Two:

Private Consult Experiences

Week Two Course Assignments


Week Three:

Christian Experiences Center

Week Three Course Assignments


Week Four:

The Impact Cafe

The Members Lounge

Navigational Support

Week Four Course Assignments

Final Course Exam


If you have any questions or need support throughout this course, feel free to contact our offices by clicking here.



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