Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Academic Evangelist

Academic Evangelist, Author, Innovator, Educator, National Awardee. A teacher by heart engaged in developing preface for Quality Literacy For All via TQM integrated with SIX SIGMA IN ACADEMICS.


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The School Management is a technique to make all stakeholders satisfied particularly the Students, Parents, Teachers and the Society. It deals with concepts related to Managing the resources to the best of their capacity and make LEARNING Happen!


The quality demand by the majority of the students dwell only on LEARNING TO LEARN as a priority.


This self learning course modules some steps towards making SCHOOL MANAGEMENT easy and effective.


Cheers and happy learning.




Course content

  • What Parents desire?

  • New Age Teaching Requirements

  • Smart Delivery by Schools

  • A Must 'Do' by Schools

  • TIPS - At a glance!

  • About the Resource Person

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